Wednesday 14th April 2021 07:43 EDT

Genre: Coming of Age Romantic Drama

Duration: 6 Episodes

Streaming On: Netflix

There is a girl that does not want to get married and a guy who is a hopeless romantic. What could possibly go wrong when the two of them are thrown together and have no choice but to work together if they want to succeed in life’s race.

In Mismatched two young adults are pitted together although they are completely different. Dimple wants to make apps whereas her parents want her to get married, they believe that once she is settled, she could open her own cybercafé and be happy running it, this is not her plan. Rishi on the other hand is a romantic at heart. Both find themselves going through the motions of life facing all the family drama. They are both expected to find their life partners.

Whilst on this mission the two of them find themselves at a summer course at college which is brilliant for two people who are trying to avoid the talk of marriage, but as the series goes on it becomes obvious that this is looming over them. Rishi believes Dimple is the one for him and he will marry her, and she has much different ideas to this.

Dimple’s character is much like Devi in Never Have I Ever where she has a huge imagination what takes her on some wild adventures within her own mind.

It isn’t really funny as such and is not posed as a comedy show but it is rather amusing as we watch these teens try and navigate their way through life.

Mismatched is a TV series based on the best-selling novel by writer Sandhya Menon ‘When Dimple met Rishi’ although when it was changed into a film one major factor that was different is that in the book Dimple and Rishi are American Indian’s and so some of the situations they face are very different to those of the characters of Dimple and Rishi in the TV Show.

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