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Is Mummy always right?

Vallisa Chauhan Monday 27th January 2020 03:44 EST

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Duration: 103 minutes


Jai Mummy Di is the story of two teenage love birds who are madly in love but pretend to be sworn enemies because their mums are at constant war with each other. 

The story is based on two neighbours Lalli played by Supriya Pathak and Pinky played by Poonam Dhillon. These mums like quintessential Indian mums do not get along although they were once upon a time best friends when they were teenagers. Their children Puneet played by Sunny Singh and Saanjh played by Sonnalli Seygall are high school sweethearts who pretend to hate each other but ultimately want to find out what has made their mums so hostile towards each other.  

The two kids plan to confess their love to their mothers but as all Bollywood films have recorded in the past (Hint: 2 States) these love-birds face obstacles and the confession does not happen. They then decide to have a court marriage but change their minds and instead plan to get married to other people to please their families even as they continue to love each other.

In a little surprise plot it is later revealed that the two mum’s were actually lovers in the past. The title of the movie builds you to expect a lot of interaction between the two mothers who are played by brilliant actresses. However, the plot is mostly based on the children with funny one liners that are placed in the wrong places and do not mix well in the whole story. 

Singh had a bad run with his last film Ujda Chaman and this film has not helped him revive himself even though he has the skills to be an amazing actor. Seygall does not fit the role of a happy go lucky girl at all, she is just too posh to pull it off and it becomes tedious to watch. 

The one thing that works for the film is the songs, they have reworked Sunanda Sharma’s Mummy Nu Pasand and Lamborghini which work really well in the film. The other thing the director Navjot Gulati has done right is the showing a typical over the top Punjabi Delhi family with flashy clothes, lots of shiny jewellery and very loud wives.

 Apart from that the film has a very boring storyline and it does have a good premise that could have worked well with lots of laughs but instead it is tiresome and feels like it needs to finish before it even starts. 

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