A fun American game show that will you keep you entertained

Vallisa Chauhan Wednesday 04th November 2020 06:30 EST

Minute To Win It

Duration: 2 Seasons

Genre: American TV Game Show 

Minute to Win it is a game show presented by Apolo Ohno where contestants are given a minute per challenge to try and get past the levels. There are 10 challenges in total with a top cash prize of $1,000,000.

If you are a fan of The Cube you will love this American game show. The show uses household items as the bases of the challenges. The contestants are made up of teams of 2 and are shown a blueprint of the challenge and they are then given a minute to take on that challenge. If they are successful, they go onto the next challenge and if they are not, they have 3 lives total to try again.  

The challenges go up in difficulty as the prizes become bigger, there are also milestone prizes and when you reach this level you are guaranteed this amount.

The challenges are very interesting for example there is a one trial where there are cups lined up on a table and you have to use the eraser on the back on a pencil to help bounce the pencil into the cups. Another challenge is to use chopsticks to balance chapsticks on top of each other without them falling over.

As the nation goes back into lockdown, we will all be looking for new programmes to watch and keep us busy and this is definitely one of them. It is one of those programmes where is becomes very addictive but also a light watch where you can have it on in the background as you get other things done.

It is really fun to see the contestants try and beat the clock and it is adrenaline pumping when they succeed right at the last second with Ohno’s tag line being ‘Every second counts. ’ As the episodes go on you also notice new challenges being introduced by the team therefore you do not get bored of watching it and find yourself binge watching the extensive amount of episodes in each season.

The show is currently being aired on Netflix so check it out and have fun trying some of the tasks at home with your household items, especially considering we will be in lockdown it will keep you and the whole family entertained. 

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