K3G: When in doubt classics is the way out

Vallisa Chauhan Monday 20th April 2020 10:14 EDT

Genre: Drama

Duration: 210 minutes

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham or K3G has an all-star ensemble cast consisting of the prestigious Raichand family. Rahul the elder son was sent away from the family for marrying a girl his father didn’t approve of. Rohan has now grown up and goes in search of his brother.  

So many would have watched this film nearly two decades ago when it released and others would have watched it over and over again. Whichever category you fall into K3G has recently been trending on Netflix and households all over the world reconnecting with Rahul, Rohan, Anjali and Pooja. 

K3G starts with a now grown up Rohan who visits his grandma’s place and it is then that we see the past story of how the boys grew up and when Rahul fell in love with Anjali. In the flashback we learn about Pooja, Anjali’s little sister who bullies Rohan for being chubby and later they become friends. Their father, Yash is a stubborn arrogant man and when he learns that his son wants to marry a girl of his choice, he tells him he is no longer a part of the family.

Moving back to the present Rohan decides he is going to go and look for his older brother and his family. In his plight to find Rahul, Rohan persuades his dad to allow him to move to London for further studies as that is where he has been told Rahul has settled. 

On arriving in London Rohan reconnects with Pooja and she persuades Rahul to allow Rohan (who has changed his name to Yash) to stay with them until his accommodation is sorted, Rahul reluctantly agrees.

What follows is pure laughter as we see Rohan evoke memories in Rahul and Anjali dotes on Rohan. Over time Rohan has made himself part of the family and he teaches young Krish, Rahul’s son, how to deal with his nerves before a school performance. The words Krish speaks out are that of those Rahul told Rohan before he left for London, the two brothers are finally reunited. Now it is just a matter of reuniting Rahul with their father.  

K3G has made many cry, laugh and fall in love over the years and as it is suited for all ages it is a perfect film to settle down to. Rekindle all those memories with the classic songs and amazing film Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. 

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