Jitendra Kumar attributes 'Kota Factory' character's popularity to lack of mentor-figures

Thursday 04th July 2024 02:30 EDT

Actor Jitendra Kumar, reflecting on the popularity of his beloved character from "Kota Factory," suggests that the resonance of Jeetu Bhaiya highlights a lack of mentor figures in people's lives. 

In the series set in Kota, Jeetu Bhaiya serves as a mentor and teacher at a coaching institute preparing students for the competitive Indian Institute of Technology entrance exams. Jitendra explains that the character serves as a vital support system for students facing significant challenges.

"In trying to understand the love this show and character have garnered, the message I decode is that there's a significant scarcity of mentor figures. Either mentorship isn't readily available or lacks the right kind of guidance, leaving people feeling isolated.

"As social beings, we crave expression and support. Sometimes, in competitive environments, we hesitate to confide in peers who are also in the race. This is why people have resonated with the fictional character of Jeetu Bhaiya," Jitendra explained in an interview.

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