Is matchmaking still a thing?

Wednesday 22nd July 2020 07:14 EDT

Is matchmaking still a thing?

Genre: Reality Television

Duration: 8 episodes

Indian matchmaking follows matchmaker Simi Taparia who uses her matchmaking skills to try and find life partners for the hardest of clients.

Some may think that matchmaking is such an old age thought, however, Indian matchmaking has taken the internet by storm and is trending on social media. In a world full of dating apps these clients of Simi’s are still finding it difficult to find a life partner and she is now stepping in to help, all of her clients have high expectations and have a view of what they think the perfect wife/husband should be and none of them are willing to compromise, an attribute that Simi believes needs to be prominent when trying to find a partner.

We meet a number of characters in the programme such as Nadia who lives in the USA and finds it difficult to date as although she is of an Indian background her family are actually from Guyana and therefore a lot of men are not willing to give her a chance as she is not technically India or Punjabi etc. Aparna who is an interesting character as she is a lot older at the age of 34 yet she has a very narrow minded view of what a guy should be like. Her mother also does not help the situation by having her own views on the type of man her daughter should be with and also Pradhyuman is a young jewellery maker in Mumbai who has put himself on a pedestal and believes attraction is everything, he does not look past a picture if he does not feel the girl is pretty he will not even humour the relationship at all.

The programme is very cringe worthy especially with some of the lines the clients come out with when describing the type of person, they are looking for and the criteria they look for when looking for their future partner but it is also very entertaining and just goes to show that the old age idea of matchmaking is not forgotten and there are still people out there that believe that a matchmaker would be able to help them find love.

It is also very interesting to see what these clients look for in their life partner and maybe explains why they are all still single have not managed to find a match for themselves.

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