How far would you go to save your other half?

Wednesday 26th August 2020 06:14 EDT

Genre: Action Thriller Film

Duration: 133 minutes

A husband goes in search for his missing wife in a foreign country. However, his search leads him into some dangerous and life threatening situations.

Sameer and Nargis are a happily married couple living their lives as they please. Sameer is a software engineer and unfortunately the couple are affected by the 2008 financial crisis. They both find themselves jobless and struggling.

Thanks to an overseas recruitment agency, they manage to land themselves jobs in the fictional country Noman, based in the middle east. Nargis leaves immediately and Sameer is due to follow.

Whilst getting ready to follow Nargis and sorting out all the necessary paperwork, Sameer then receives a phone call that will change his life, it is Nargis on the other end of the phone and she is pleading with him to help her.

Set with all he is given from the recruitment agency, Sameer leaves for Noman in search of his wife. Here he meets a taxi driver named Usman. Usman immediately takes Sameer to buy a sim card and Sameer frantically starts dialling every number he was given, they are all dead and so is the address he was provided. Usman decides the best thing to do is to go the police station but it is here that Sameer discovers the man he was dealing with at the recruitment agency has gone missing.

In a search for Nargis, Usman and Sameer find out Nargis may be held captive by a man called Shirazi who deals in flesh trade. In a plight to rescue his wife, Usman and Sameer go to the ends of the earth and find Nargis in a brothel but just as he sees her he is attacked. Both Usmna and Sameer are severely injured and Sameer is captured by the police.

He must now convince them to help him find his wife.

Will Sameer be able to save his beloved Nargis or will they be separated forever?

'Khuda Hafiz' is a great mix of romance, thriller and action as we watch Sameer’s screen struggle to find his wife. Although Nargis is the one that is kidnapped, 'Khuda Hafiz' really focuses more on her husband, the hero, rather than the victim and he plight to rescue her. It may not be the fun loving romance you are looking for but 'Khuda Hafiz' does provide a great change in script and synopsis you need every now and then.

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