Four best friends navigating through life

Tuesday 14th July 2020 14:33 EDT

Genre: Indian television series

Duration: 10 episodes

Four friends who can afford to drink their sorrows through alcohol meet whenever one is in a crisis to support add other and help each other get through life.

These four woman, Sayani playing Damini an investigative journalist, Bani playing Umang a bisexual trainer, Kirti playing Anjana a single mother and lawyer and Maanvi playing Sidhi, an only child from a rich family, are trying to navigate their way through life in Mumbai where they all have flaws but seem to find a common ground in alcohol but each of the woman have their own issues that they are delaying with.

Sidhi being ridiculed by her mother for being fat and always embarrassing her in front of her so called friends and not being able to find a husband. In an attempt to make herself feel good about her body she starts showing off her body on a sex site and realises that she can’t command an audience that makes her feel amazing.

Umang is a bisexual gym trainer who left her family home in the Punjab where she was in love with a girl who ended up marrying her brother and now she is living her own life in Mumbai where she moved to thinking it’s very open to different sexualities, she is now training a Bollywood actress who she starts a secret relationship with.

Anjana is a single mother whose ex husband is now dating another woman who she feels is trying to play mother to their daughter.

Damini is a confused investigating journalist who believes the truth needs to be told when it comes to news but her hard hitting journalistic tactics are not going down well with the board and they decide to bring in someone else to do her job. She is also split between three different men, one who she is just using for sex, one who is her gynaecologist and one who she doesn’t even know could be a contender. She also has severe OCD which she is trying to deal with.

The four woman meet at the Truck Bar to help each other solve their problems and help each other through life.

This is a great fun filled adult comedy which shows the adult life in Mumbai. It is an easy to watch drama with 10 episodes released so far on Amazon Prime. It is an amazing time pass type show if you have watched yourself through all the films online and need something different to keep you entertained.

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