Coming 2 America

Wednesday 10th March 2021 06:02 EST

Genre: ComedyDuration: 110 minutesStreaming on: Amazon Prime Coming 2 America is a follow on from the original film back in 1988. Prince Akeem's father, The King, is dying and tells Akeem he knows that Akeem has a son living in America and he should bring him to Zamunda. Prince Akeem played by Eddie Murphy is happily married to Lisa and they have three daughters. 30 years on he is set to become King soon, as his father is very ill, but the heir to the throne should be a male and unfortunately for Akeem he only has daughters. That is until he finds out that on a night in Queens he was drugged by a lady thanks to Semmi and bore a child that he has no recollection of. He must now travel to Queens and find his only son and the heir to the throne. Akeem and Semmi travel to America once again and look for Lavelle Junson, after finding him Lavelle refuses to come to Zamunda without his mother Mary and so they all set off along with Lavelle's Uncle Reem. General Izzi heard about Lavella and still annoyed that Akeem did not marry his sister he arrived with his daughter and asked for Lavelle to marry her. For Lavelle to take his seat as Prince he must pass a number of tests including snipping the whiskers of a Lion. At first he is reluctant but soon gives in. Lavelle also finds he is in love with one of the maids and after overhearing a conversation between his father and General Izzi he leaves and returns to Queens. Akeem goes after him and after consoling him they all return to Zamunda. Coming 2 America is just as funny as the original film and will have you in stitches throughout the film. Eddie Murphy is brilliant as King Akeem just as he was as the Prince in the original film. It does lack some of the great characteristics the first film had and still has some of those cringe worthy moments but it is definitely worth the watch and it is awesome that even during a pandemic we are able to stream this film at home. 

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