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The Bridgertons are a wealthy family part of the ton’s in the Regency era in the UK where the girls make their debutante, being presented at court.

The series revolves around the Bridgerton family, which consists of the viscountess Bridgerton, her four sons and four daughters. As her husband has passed away her eldest son Anthony is now the Viscount and therefore the head of the family. This comes with a huge importance, but Anthony is in love with a opera singer and this would be frowned upon.
Anthony’s sister Daphne is making her debut at court this year and whilst in search of a suitable husband she meets the Duke, one of London’s most eligible bachelors.
The younger Bridgerton’s also get caught into a number of scandal’s, Benedict Bridgerton starts an affair with the local dress maker and Colin Bridgerton falls in love with a girl who is actually pregnant and trying to hide this from the ton so she is not outcasted.
Younger sister Eloise is in search of the centre of all commotion, Lady Whistledown, currently no-one is aware of who Lady Whsitledown is and the Queen is intrigued to find out. Lady Whistledown is behind the highs and lows of the ton’s by writing about what goes on during the events and surrounding this time. She manages to cause a stir every time her newsletter is released.
Although only one season in Bridgerton has caused a massive stir, everyone is watching what they call a mix of Gossip Girl and Downtown Abbey. It is one of those programme’s where once you start it you end up binge watching as you want more and more and more.
The series itself is very racy and but it mixes humour and drama all into one. You are left wondering what will happen in the second season and how much more could the Bridgerton family face. Unlike other period drama’s this one actually accepts different races and does not frown upon racially integrated families. With the national lockdown still in place this is just what we need to bring some good TV back to the screens.
Watch Bridgerton which is now streaming on Netflix and add to the 82 million households that have already watched the programme and are constantly talking about it.

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