Bombay Begums

Wednesday 24th March 2021 07:46 EDT

Genre: Indian Drama

Duration: 6 episodes

Streaming On: Netflix

 Bombay Begums is an Indian TV series that has recently started streaming on Netflix and it is based around the lives of five women living in the bustling city of Mumbai who are from different backgrounds and social statuses, who find their lives start becoming interconnected.

 The story is narrated by Shai played by Aadhya Anand. But from the outset it is made clear that it centres around Rani played by the magnificent Pooja Bhatt. Rani is a business woman who managed to climb the professional ladder and is appointed as the CEO of a bank. However, with this comes the responsibility of hiding some dark secrets and problems. Rani is also finding it very difficult to connect with her stepdaughter. She also has issues with her son who crashes his car into someone.

 Fatima works under Rani and through her life she does everything to try and please her husband. She is also trying to climb that professional ladder but a surprise pregnancy stopes her in her tracks.

 Then there is a Lily who lives in a chawl, a low-income residential estate. She was a bar dancer but now she is on a mission to make a better life for her and her son, but to do so she is scamming her way through life. Finally, there is Ayesha, who a bisexual from a small town in India and has recently moved to Mumbai.

 As we watch these women navigate their way through Mumbai we will find as viewers we relate to a lot of the issues and problems they are facing and the series touches on various subjects and the struggles of women.

 Although from the outset it seems like this is another Four More Shots Please the women in Bombay Begums are very different to those in Four More Shots Please. The Writer/Director Alankrita Shrivastava has said she is hoping that women in India and across the world will be able to connect with the characters and appreciate the plight of working women. 

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