Behind her eyes

Wednesday 17th March 2021 07:52 EDT

Louise is a single mother who gets caught up in a strange situation when she has an affair with her boss but at the same time she befriends his wife.

A single mother starts an affair with her Boss, David, who is a psychiatrist.At the same tire she meets his wife and although she is not sure whether she should talk to her or not, she realises that Adele is just lonely and so they start spending time together.
This starts as a love triangle but soon things become very weird and Louise finds herself swept into a tidal wave of lies, betrayal and psychological terror that she is now a part of and cannot get away from.
Louise finds out stuff that has happened in the past and this puts her in a very dangerous and vulnerable situation.
Behind her eyes is a British drama that will keep you glued to your screens as you will want to know now this turns out for Louise. This is not your average thriller there are alot of twists and turns and once you start will need you to watch all 6 episodes to understand what happens at the end and now life will be for Louise and her son after she makes these shocking discoveries.
I personally really enjoyed watching Behind Her Eyes so much so that I binged watched it over a weekend. However, I am also fully aware of the fact that what actually takes place in the psychological thriller is impossible. I can’t say why it is impossible without giving the story away and spoiling it but it is definitely worth a watch, the general consensus is that most people do not like British dramas but this one is worth it.

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