Ajeeb Dastans

Wednesday 28th April 2021 06:23 EDT

Genre: Hindu Language Anthology Film

Duration: 142 minutes

Streaming on: Netflix

Ajeeb Dastans is an anthology of four short films and is produced by the super Producer/Director Karan Johar. The premise of the film is that each story will bring us a shocking and horrifying twist that we were not betting on.

Short story one is called Majnu, Lipakshi is stuck in a loveless marriage and is always looking for love in other men. She meets Raj, who works for her husband, after she pursues him, he finally gives in and they start an affair. AS time goes on Raj sets up another worker and makes it look like him and Lipakshi are actually having an affair. Raj deceives both Lipakshi and her husband and leaves. But what is the plot twist? Watch Majnu to find out.

Story two is Khilauna. The lead in this story is Meenal and flicks between the past and the present. Meenal is a maid who is having issues with her electricity and is introduced with Vinod, the new secretary of the locality. Vinod makes a move on Meenal and this is witnessed by her sister Binny. What happens next will disgust you like you will not believe, but at the same time it is totally unexpected.

Story three is named Geeli Pucchi. Bharti works in a factory and is devastated when a new girl Priya arrives and takes the job Bharti was promised. Priya and Bharti later become friends and Bharti convinces Priya she will be happier if she has a baby. Bharti then manages to swoop in and steal her job.

The final story is named Ankahi. Natasha and Rohan are parents to a young girl who is on the verge of going deaf. This causes issues within their marriage and Natasha ends up at breaking point and has an affair. Will her husband discover her secret?

These anthology type films have become very popular in more recent times. It is a great way to give the viewers a snippet into shorter films with meaning rather than them having to sit through a long-winded version of a film. These are great to pass time, or if you don’t have a lot of time and want to watch one and then another later.

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