A girl in search of some answers after her mother's murder

Wednesday 09th September 2020 06:14 EDT

Genre: Indian Thriller

Duration: 133 minutes

Aarya vows to avenge her mother’s death and bring the culprits to justice and in doing so honour her mother’s last wish. She embarks on a journey to Kailash where the story unfolds.

'Sadak' was a film about a young suicidal taxi driver Ravi Kishore Verma, who rescues a girl called Pooja, from a brothel and falls in love with her. 'Sadak 2' follows on from this story where Ravi is still very much alive but still suicidal and Pooja is actually dead. He has given up driving his taxi and just reminisces about the past.

Aarya played by Alia Bhatt, believes her stepmother Nadini and fake Guruji have murdered her mother and so she becomes an activist for a group called ‘India against fake guns’. But her family have said she is mentally unstable and hospitalises her. She manages to escape and ends up at Ravi’s house. Aarya and her boyfriend persuade Ravi into going with them to a trip to Kailash. They are on a mission to find out what happened to Aarya’s mother.

'Sadak 2' received a lot of criticism before its release. Following the tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput a lot of fans were against the release of 'Sadak 2' as they felt it was just another film promoting a star kid and were totally against nepotism in Bollywood. The trailer of the film that was released on Youtube received the most amount of dislikes, more than any other Bollywood film, 13 million to be exact.

After watching the trailer, I myself was a little disappointed as I expected so much more from a Mahesh Bhatt film and I have always been an Alia Bhatt fan.

After watching the film, I do agree that the film itself does not have much substance and feels like it has just been thrown together. However, I do think that Alia is a great actress and makes the film watchable. Much like Pooja Bhatt almost three decades ago, Alia plays the lead protagonist in this film and it is great to see two star kids come together on screen and work so well together but not in a relationship form, not in a father daughter form or in a brother sister form but instead as two strangers. One a retired taxi driver and the other a girl in search for some answers.

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