A fun teen film for the whole family

Wednesday 08th July 2020 06:58 EDT

Genre: Teen Romantic Drama

Duration: 145 minutes

Rohan is on a mission to become the Student of the year and in doing so he wins the heart of two different girls, will he become Student of the Year?

Rohan is a student at the Pishorilal College and he has dreams of going to St Teresa’s High School with his childhood sweetheart Mia. Finally, he is accepted on a scholarship and straight away becomes rivals with Shreya whose father has a lot of money. He becomes friends with Shreya’s brother Manav as he wins everyone over with his dance moves and sports skills.

A dance competition is taking place and Rohan is entering with Mia whilst Manav pairs up Shreya. At the end of the competition Manav and Shreya win after Mia misses a step at the end and falls, when Rohan heads over to Mia’s house to make her feel better, he finds her cheating on him with Manav and Rohan realises that actually instead of being his friend Manav has played him by making sure Rohan would lose.

Rohan hits Manav and Manav being the son of a powerful man gets Rohan expelled from the school. Rohan then returns to his old school and reconciles with his old friends.

Shreya is now impressed by Rohan and talks him into joining her in a dance competition, he finally agrees and the two become very good friends and manage to win the competition. Mia then comes back into Rohan’s life saying she made a mistake and Shreya also tells Rohan she loves him.

The big Dignity cup opening ceremony arrives and a fight breaks out between the St Teresa boys and the Pishoilal boys where one of the boys ends up in hospital. At the hospital Shreya sees Rohan with Mia where she is holding his hand and so she leaves, Rohan follows her and she reveals she is leaving for London soon.

The competition is nearing, who will win the tournament, Manav or Rohan? And who will win Rohan’s heart, Mia or Shreya? Only time will tell.

This is a brilliant film that is great to watch with the whole family, it will keep you laughing and crying throughout as we watch how Rohan navigates himself in a world he does not fit in. Tiger Shroff will keep you on your toes with his excellent dance moves and chiselled body.

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