Wrinkles are a 'reminder of battles we have survived': Twinkle Khanna

Wednesday 01st February 2023 06:48 EST

In a recent Instagram post, author Twinkle Khanna shared her thoughts about age and how it is only a “mathematical problem.” She called wrinkles “general’s medals” pinned to the skin as they remind one of the battles a person has survived and even won.

Sharing a video of herself relishing a chocolate pastry, Twinkle wrote on Instagram, “Age is a mathematical problem. There are numbers that need to be tackled. It is not a division sum though, where we are reduced to a fraction of what we once were. It is a multiplier. At 40, you are still the pigtailed girl who once climbed trees and beat up all the boys. The young woman with a disdain for convention. The new mother with leaky breasts and fierce ambition.”

She added, "As you go along, you carry every version of you inside. You don’t have one heartbreak, one breakdown, one true love, one success; you have a mountain of them. And those wrinkly-crinkly lines? How about we consider them the equivalent of a general’s medals, pinned to our skin, a reminder of all the battles we have survived, and the ones we have won. Agree? Disagree?”

Most of her fans said they strongly agreed with her caption. A fan wrote in the comments section, “Totally!!! Accept it and age gracefully.” Another wrote, “Yes darling agree totally getting better smarter wiser, forget my creeky bones, or my weight issues, am still the best at my age & yes alwaz thanking God!” One more fan wrote, “You are right it’s a mathematical problem! When the age number comes in mind then you start thinking, start bothering and assuming you are getting old. I believe we should rather eat healthy, exercise and stay young.”

Twinkle is married to actor Akshay Kumar and the two have a son, Aarav, 20, and a daughter, Nitara, 10. She is currently pursuing Master's in Fiction Writing at the prestigious Goldsmiths, University of London. She is an actor-turned-writer and also produces films. She also founded a health and wellness website, Tweak India.

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