Tiger Shroff opens up about past financial difficulties

Wednesday 28th July 2021 07:12 EDT

Tiger Shroff, the actor son of Jackie and Ayesha Shroff, has certainly made a mark in the Indian film industry. He is far different from what you would expect a star child to be. In an interview, the actor elaborated on how his parents' financial difficulties were a motivator for him to do something with his life. He says he was only 11 when he saw their home being sold as a result of his family going bankrupt.

“I remember how our furniture and stuff was sold off, one by one. My mother's artwork, lamps... Things I'd grown up seeing around us started disappearing. Then my bed went. I started to sleep on the floor. It was the worst feeling of my life. I wanted to work at that age but I knew I could do nothing to help,” he said.

The Shroffs had to sell their four-bedroom Bandra apartment and move into a smaller apartment after 2002 movie 'Boom', produced by Ayesha, leaked on the internet and Jackie ensured its release despite distributors pulling out. Tiger said the uncertainty of those years was a powerful motivator and after he joined the film industry, he promised his mother that he'd buy their house back. Which he did in 2017.

Touched by the gesture, his parents, however, declined. Jackie in a recent interview had said, “I'm just proud of both my children. They are strong enough to get the house back; my wife didn't want it back. She said, 'Let it be, what's gone is gone'. But his thought was nice, his thought was beautiful that he wants to make a house for his mother and his family.”

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