Sara on growing up with a single mother

Wednesday 08th December 2021 08:31 EST

Actor Sara Ali Khan, in an interview ahead of the release of her upcoming ‘Atrangi Re’, revealed she relies heavily on her mother, so much so, she wouldn’t be able to live away from her. Sara admitted that she feels wise beyond her years, crediting it to growing up with a single mother.

She said, “I grew up fast and saw a lot in life. Perhaps they helped me grow up a little faster. Living with a single mother in today’s day and age makes you a little tougher and harder than you need to be. You don’t live in a La La Land for too long then. You see the world for what it is.” Comparing herself to her character in the movie who runs away from home to be with a man she loves, Sara said she’d never been able to do something like that in real life.

She said, “I can’t even come to an interview without matching my bangles to my outfit with the help of my mother. Till my mom doesn’t tell me, ‘Please add green bangles to your hand because you have a chalak of green in that corner of your dupatta’, I won’t be able to step out for an interview. Meri aukaat nahi hai, mummy se door bhagne ki. Kahin bhi bhaag jao, ghar toh wahin jaana hai, roz (I am not capable of running away from my mother. Wherever I run away to, she is the home I have to return to, every day).”

When asked if she has ever felt the desire to run, the actress said, “Not at all. I’ll even get married to someone who can move in and live with my mom. I’m never going to leave her. Jokes apart, my mother is a very liberal woman. She is my third eye in everyday life. She is the sound of reason, so, no, I’m never running away.”

Daughter of Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan, Sara has become a Bollywood treasure. Her upcoming ‘Atrangi Re’ alongside Akshay Kumar and Dhanush, will be released on Disney+ Hotter on December 24.

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