Priyanka to play Ma Anand Sheela in her next

Saturday 02nd February 2019 05:43 EST

Priyanka Chopra has announced her fourth Hollywood project on the latest episode of Ellen. She will play the role of late spiritual leader Osho's disciple, Ma Anand Sheela, in a film, which will be helmed by Oscar-winning director, Barry Levinson. She was on the show to promote her upcoming Hollywood movie 'Isn't It Romantic'.

About her movie in Osho, “I am developing a feature with Barry Levinson. He is an iconic American director. We are developing it (from the perspective of) Sheela who is this guru who originated from India. She was his right hand woman and she was devious. She created a whole cult in America. He was called Osho. I don't know if you've heard of him. I am developing that next for me to star in and produce.” Netflix's hit documentary 'Wild Wild Country' was also based on Osho's communty Rajneeshpuram, which was run by Ma Anand Sheela, in Oregon, USA.

After a series of altercations with the locals, which ended with the mass poisoning of a town, she was convicted of multiple attempted murders and now lives in Switzerland. Osho himself accused Sheela of arson, wiretapping, attempted murder and mass poisonng, after she fled from the commune.

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