PeeCee appears on the 'Tonight Show'

Friday 08th February 2019 06:33 EST

Actress Priyanka Chopra recently appeared on the 'Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' and opened up about the thought of taking her husband, Nick's surname. “I always wanted to add his name to mine because I feel, like, you know, we're becoming a family and I'm a little traditional and old school like that. But it didn't take away my identity. He gets added to who I am.” Priyanka also made several other revelations, including that she wanted to get married on an island.

“I wanted to get married on some private island away from everything and we were like really stressed out about it. We thought Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius or whatever. And nothing was working out. The conversation took place when they were in Mumbai, and Nick said, 'Why aren't we doing this in India? Shouldn't I be taking my bride from home?” And that's how the two found their dream location.

Priyanka also shared the moment when she freaked out before walking down the aisle with Nick Jonas for the Christian wedding. She said, “Right before I was supposed to walk down the aisle -- I remember them putting the veil on me. The veil was like 75 feet -- I was like, ‘I’m going to strain my neck muscles like the mother of dragons’. But I had a freak-out moment when I was standing right behind the curtains and they were going to tell me when to walk out and the music was going to start playing. I just started having a panic attack and then the doors opened and I saw him. And I cannot forget that moment.”

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