My upbringing doesn't allow fat headedness: Katrina

Wednesday 16th September 2015 06:20 EDT

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif recently appeared on the cover of Hello! India magazine, along with Tina Ambani. Akshay Kumar and AR Rahman, under the headline 'The World's Most Powerful Come Together For a Common Cause'.

Talking about her childhood at an interview, Katrina stated that she was born to a globetrotter mother who was involved with NGOs and helped rehabilitate people who were struck by natural disasters. Talking about what she and her sisters were taught during their upbringing, she said, β€œIt was not a life of luxury for sure. We had less and even at that age, we were made aware that we still had so much more than so many others. We were brought up to be grateful for what we had, to be responsible to each other and to others, to believe in humanity and the larger good. It sounds very idealistic and preachy when put that way, but it is difficult to put in words so many experiences. Biggest lesson learnt - there is no substitute for honesty and hard work.”

Talking about how she takes success, β€œI think success is just a garb. You wear it for some time and you take it off when it is time for someone else to wear it. Allowing success to get to your head means you are taking a momentary and transitionary phase for granted. I don't think my upbringing allows fat headedness! And fortunately, I am surrounded by people who help me in staying very grounded; be it my mother, my siblings or my team.”

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