Kind of take it positively, Jacqueline Fernandez on internet trolling

Wednesday 22nd September 2021 08:30 EDT

In his new chat show ‘Bak Bak With Baba’, actor Arjun Kapoor conducted a quiz segment with his guest, and ‘Bhoot Police’ co-star Jacqueline Fernandez. The two talked about their school crushes, eating habits, and online trolling. Fernandez also spoke about starving herself in her younger days.

When asked about the importance of food in her life, Arjun said it wasn’t so high up on her priority list. “I definitely love to celebrate with food, for instance, today was our wrap. I got food for everybody. We cut a cake with my team. I feel it’s nice that celebrate with food. There was a phase in my 20s when I did turn to food and that was late at night. I lived alone so it was like cake, ice cream, anything crispy. I actually did have a terrible relationship with food and then I went starving for a week, which is really bad for you. So, now it’s about knowing that I don’t need to turn to it, tomorrow is another day and we will get through it.”

Jacqueline also talked about online trolling and the “meanest things” she has read about herself online. “It’s ok, we all get it. I read things about myself how terrible I sound, how terrible my accent is and how I speak Hindi, bad criticism on how I look.” When asked how she deals with it, she said, “I kind of take it like positively. I am like ok what do they mean. Then, I feel may be there is some room for improvement. There is some criticism where you feel this person is being nasty. Some actually makes sense to me.

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