Kat compares Bollywood to a dysfunctional family

Friday 04th January 2019 07:31 EST

Over a decade since she set foot in the industry, actress Katrina Kaif has managed to create quite a rage with her soft sensual looks and her choice of roles. Despite maintaining a dignified silence over her personal life, she has managed to create several friends and foes in Bollywood. During a recent interview with a leading publication, the actress revealed that while some of her relationships with her contemporaries were "wonderful", others were not so good.

However, even with all the differences, she still considers them to be their family members. “We are all part of this industry, and we have all been here together for a good few years. It's almost like a dysfunctional family. You may not like some of your family members in some cases, but they are still your family members. For me, at least, it has become like that. We may not have had the best relationship, but we still had a relationship for so many years,” the actor said. She added, “The other day, I was feeling that when we go into the details of the equation we share with our colleagues in the industry, it is wonderful, or fun or that of angst or not-so-good.”

When asked what has changed for her as an actor in the 15 years since she made her debut, she said, “I think that nervous feeling is not there anymore. I'm calmer and centered, but as someone said to me, I'm very curious to know the audiences' response. It's an unusual feeling. I'm genuinely not uncomfortable, jittery or anything. I wait for the first show when everyone sees the film, I want to talk to someone who has seen it.”

On whether she gets bothered about her personal life being discussed more than it should be, Kat said, “It has never crossed my mind. I still am extremely fortunate to be working with the best directors and the best co-stars, the best talent of the industry, and that’s the most important thing for me.”

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