Kangana deletes post after realising the truth

Wednesday 15th June 2022 08:00 EDT

I you are an avid social media user, you might have come across the trending hashtag '#BycottQatarAirways' on Twitter. A Twitter user by the name of Vashudev had uploaded a video appealing to Indians to boycott the airlines following the adverse remarks India received for two BJP leaders' derogatory remarks towards Prophet Muhammad. In the video, Vashudev says Qatar had offered refuge to painter MF Hussain who he says had "painted nude images of Hindu goddesses". He urged Indians to boycott all products from Qatar and Qatar Airways as well.

After Vashudev's video went viral, a Twitter user made a spoof video by dubbing an interview of Qatar Airway chief Akbar Al Baker with Al Jazeera. The dubbed video is made to sound like Akbar Al Baker is personally appealing to Vashudev to call off his boycott. “Vashudev is our biggest shareholder with a total investment of ₹624.50. We don't know how to operate anymore. We have grounded all flights. Our operations are not running anymore...," the doctored video makes the Qatar airlines chief appear to say.

While Twitterati shared the dubbed video while being fully aware that it is a spoof, Kangana Ranaut believed it to be true and lashed out at people laughing at the video. "All so-called Indians who are cheering this bully for making fun of a poor man remember this is exactly why you all are a big bojh (burden) on this overpopulated country," she said in one of her Instagram stories.

Kangana was not aware of it being an edited clip until it was pointed out to her. She later deleted the social media post after realsing the mistake.

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