Janhvi: I hope people talk about my films more than my gym shorts

Wednesday 12th February 2020 05:58 EST

Janhvi is no Bollywood newbie and is clearly picking up on industry tricks fast. Talking about her journey so far, Janvi said she feels “extremely fortunate that I've gotten to know myself more as an actor and as a person over these two years, and it has defined my taste in cinema and altered the way I want to look at the films I want to do.”

In an interview with a leading media house, she revealed it's the script that matters to her the most. “I need to be moved by the content in some way or other. It either needs to make laugh or touch me. It needs to stay with me till the next day. And having a good energy and a rapport with the director is also very important because at the end of the day, you've to be able to collaborate.”

When asked about media scrutiny on her social media posts, and if she ever get tired of all the attention, she called it “funny”. “After 'Dhadak', people would come up to me and say, 'Oh, we loved your first film', and then there are those who're like, 'Oh My God, I follow your gym looks all the time'. So it's like I am known for 'Dhadak' and I'm known for my gym looks, too. It's weird but I can't blame them. My films haven't been released yet. I have just been working. And I hope once they do, people will talk about my films, and associate with me with them, than my gym shorts.”

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