I will think thrice before signing a film: Tiger Shroff

Friday 14th July 2017 08:11 EDT

After delivering two box-office hits and one failure, Tiger Shroff's fourth 'Munna Michael' is all set to hit screens this month. Speaking about his approach for any role, Shroff said he likes to prepare, but refrains from over-preparing. “It depends a lot on my co-actor's performance; I adapt myself accordingly. I can usually pre-empt my co-actor's reaction in a scene, but Nawazji (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is an exception. He kept throwing unexpected reactions my way. It was wonderful because it made me up my game as an actor.”

About choosing scripts, he said he thinks about the audience first. “When I am offered an action film, I check if its emotional quotient and the incentive for the hero to save the heroine are strong. Otherwise, it just becomes a show reel. The audience will applaud my action sequences only when these factors fall into place.” Shroff added, “I pay attention to the critics and I have immense respect for them. But, I only follow those who are unbiased- reviews help me push my limits and work harder. I want to prove them wrong soon. Also, they have to pick on something, right? Nobody is perfect.”

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