Have Kangana and KJo kissed and made up?

Friday 12th January 2018 06:06 EST

After months of taunts, jibes, and media addresses calling each other out for promoting nepotism, being delusional, and “using the woman card”, Kangana Ranaut and “movie mafia” Karan Johar have supposedly reconciled, with the former set to be a guest judge in 'India's Next Superstars', Johar's upcoming TV news. The filmmaker reportedly invited the actress for the show, a “warm” gesture she not only accepted happily, but also welcomed.

“I am looking forward to being on the show. It is a professional commitment for which I'm being paid. What is delightful is that Karan is okay with doing the show with me and seems to be slowly warming up to me,” Kangana said to the media. Stating that she has not compromised on her ideologies by accepting the invitation, she said her image and fight against nepotism matches the tagline of the show 'Na Khandaan, na sifarish... Bollywood ko hai sirf talent ka intezaar' (No reference, or recommendation... Bollywood awaits for true talent). “I am the epitome of the tagline being a self-made woman and actress myself, which is precisely why the channel wants me. I have not gone back on my ideology. I stick to what I believe in,” Kangana said.

“I am happy that Karan is making me feel so welcome, but I think I have been worthy of every platform I have been on. I have earned my place and deserved to be on it. Nobody has to open my doors for me, I am capable of opening all the doors myself,” she said. For those who aren't aware, the ugly, public spat between the both the industry hot shots began from Karan's talk show 'Koffee with Karan'. Will this show be an extended version of the spat?

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