Film background does not always mean privilege: Rani Mukerji

Wednesday 24th November 2021 06:39 EST

Rani Mukerji who is gearing up for the release of ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’, spoke about the trials she experienced before making it big in Bollywood. She said that despite belonging to a reputed family with strong connections to the world of cinema, she was not exactly privileged. Rani’s father Ram Mukherjee was a film director, and her mother Krishna Mukherjee was a playback singer.

Rani explained that belonging to a film family did not guarantee wealth, back in the day. People would sell their homes just to release their films, and producers would be “left on the roads” because they didn’t have moneyRani said, “Being from a film family does not always speak of any privilege. People are poor also, they come from humble backgrounds.”

The actress, who made her film debut in 1996 with her father’s Bengali film ‘Biyer Phool’, said she wasn’t cast because she was “somebody’s daughter, somebody’s niece”. She was cast probably because he noticed a “spark” in her.

Rani said, “I was chosen because he thought I probably had the spark to be able to face the camera. And I did have to give an audition. The director and the DOP [director of photography] liked the way I looked, and Salim uncle was confident enough. All actors who make it big in the industry are newcomers when they start off, and they start somewhere. It was the same case with me. I started and I worked on myself and worked hard. I am happy that today I have fans who support me through thick and thin.”

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