Farhan Akhtar set to marry girlfriend Shibani Dandekar

Friday 08th March 2019 07:09 EST

Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Dandekar have never shied away from the media to profess their love for each other. Their Instagram accounts are testament to their affection, however, their cryptic captions have recently been massive head scratchers. Their last photo had the caption 'three six five'. Following a year of togetherness, the two have reportedly decided to take the plunge and are planning on an April or May wedding this year.

In a talk show, 'Tape Cast' season 2 with Bhumi Pednekar, the actress plays a segment titled 'Do Not Play Cassette'. When she played the cassette for Farhan, it has Shibani popping out the marriage question to him. She asked, “When are we getting married?” Beau Farhan Akhtar couldn't stop blushing and without dodging the question, he replied, “I don't know. May be April or May.”

The actor also spoke at length about his equation with Dandekar and their relationship. He said, “She is an amazing woman. It's been very special, the last year... You know we've been getting to know each other and I couldn't be happier about it. But with the social media world again, we are constantly being told about the things we should be doing. But yeah, I have never felt so comfortable to share my personal stuff but I don't know, I just feel like somehow with celebrating all this, it just feels very natural to me.”

About being open on social media about his relationship with Shibani, he added, “I mean, obviously you don't want to go like crazy and people are like please 'bas kar' but ya, it feels nice to share that because we are always living so sheltered and you are always so protected and your guards are constantly up, especially when it comes to people like your partner in your life and you don't want people to know. I just felt like it's rather nicer to share it with people and include them in the joy and let them feel happy, hopefully. Some might feel a bit jealous that she's with me.”

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