Comparing with my father puts a lot of pressure on me: Ahan Shetty

Wednesday 08th December 2021 08:22 EST

Actor Suniel Shetty’s son Ahan is all set to make his Bollywood debut this week. Speaking in an interview, Ahan spoke in-depth about his decision to become an actor, and the influence his father had on his choice. Then said, “I was in American School of Bombay, I chose dramatics in 6th grade and fell in Leo with the art form. I am a very shy and introverted person, so when it came down to performing, I realised that everything I am hiding within myself, I am letting out through my characters. That was a very therapeutic experience for me. As I kept performing, I started loving playing different characters, different people from different walks of life. That’s when I realised that this is something I wanted to do.”

He added, “There was a slight influence of my dad being an actor. But no one in my school cared who my father was, and that was really good for me.” When asked if there is pressure from constant comparison to his father, Ahan said, “I try not to let that pressure get to me. I am very proud to be my father’s son, but his journey was different and my journey is going to be different. I am just very happy that I can carry his legacy forward. Other than that I don’t feel any pressure. Ya, I am going to be compared to him, but you just can’t let that get to you.”

He added, “My father is such a respected person in the industry, so if I can even earn 20 per cent of the respect he’s got, would be amazing.” If there is any particular genre he wants to take up dedicatedly? Ahan says. “Not really, I am open to any type of genre, I am not trying to be an action hero, I just want to be a good performer, who can do different types of cinema.”

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