Ananya Panday launches mobile application against cyber bullying

Wednesday 10th July 2019 07:08 EDT

One film wonder, Ananya Panday has stunned everyone when she announced her first mobile application, So+, or So Positive, an initiative to stop cyber bullying. When asked why she felt the need to launch such an initiative, she said, "I feel cyber bullying and being mean to people on social media has been going on for a long time but no one has taken a step or necessary action. A lot of my growing up years have been spent in the digital world and on social media. It is something that I can relate to very strongly. So, if I can create a conversation or a supportive system for people then that is important to me."

She added, "People can believe lies so easily. In today's tech-savvy world, it is not hard to photoshop a conversation or start a lie because whatever people read, they believe it to be the whole truth. That is why I came up with a platform like So Positive where people can talk, share without being judged or hated. It is to teach people a way to deal with bullying."

When asked what the first memory of being bullied was, Ananya said, "Since there was no social media when I was growing up, the first memory of being bullied would be from school when people would call me a hunchback, too skinny and stuff like that. But even back then I would tell a teacher or my mother about it. So, I think it is important to talk about it rather than keeping it all in because that is how hate grows within."

She also urged people to do the right thing. "Talk to people. It can be anyone, even me. I want to give people the option to speak to me about their episode of being bullied." On the work front, Ananya is looking forward to 'Pati Patni Aur Woh' with Kartik Aaryan. She also said, "There is something super exciting. But I am not in a rush. I want to wait and do something that I love."

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