AR Rahman opens up on getting pigeonholed in Hollywood after Oscar win

Thursday 31st August 2023 07:32 EDT

Oscar-winning music composer AR Rahman is all set to make his directorial debut with ‘Le Musk.’ In a recent interview with Forbes’ Taarini Kaur Dang, he says he often finds himself pigeonholed, which leads to few opportunities for him to explore and experiment truly.

He said, “As an Indian composer, winning an Oscar and all that stuff, there is a pigeonhole you are put into. ‘Oh Indian stuff, let’s go to AR!’ Even though I have done 127 Hours, Pele and other stuff but still the urge… There’s nothing bad with that. I am doing a lot of Indian movies. I love doing Indian movies. I am proud. But I also love to do something that is completely unrelated to India, as a creative expression. To get those is very difficult in Hollywood, all the places are already taken.”

Rahman’s ‘Le Musk’ premiered at the 75th Cannes Film Festival. He says the VR film was born when he was jamming with his wife, and the couple came up with the story. He said, “There were many things on my mind, like, why can’t we do it in English, why can’t that go from India to the world. There was some risk involved, but not that much because we funded it mostly ourselves and had kind funding from others. Luckily, we got fantastic feedback when we premiered it at the Cannes festival.”

Billed as a 37-minute “cinematic sensory experience,” the movie is about an orphaned heiress and musician, Juliet Merdinian (Nora Arnezedar), on the trail of three mysterious men with distinct scents.

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