BHF to celebrate Tagore's birthday

Tuesday 09th April 2019 15:33 EDT

At a time when the conservative upper-class Bengali society kept their women confined to ‘Andarmahal’ (inner chambers), Rabindranath Tagore was privileged to have grown up in a household that nurtured the most progressive strong-willed, independent, and talented women that India had seen. They had a profound influence in Tagore’s life as well as in his works. 

Every year, on Tagore’s birth anniversary or Rabindra Jayanti, India’s global poet, song-writer, and philosopher, is commemorated all over the world through his songs, poetry, and dramas. This year the Bengal Heritage Foundation (BHF) will celebrate Rabindra Jayanti through the women in Tagore’s life and his works. The hour and half long program will take place at Nehru Centre, the cultural wing of Indian High Commission in London, on 10thMay 2019 from 6.30 pm. The event is open to all.

The evening will be celebrated through songs (Rabindra Sangeet), poetry, and dance all written and composed by Tagore. In addition to celebrating women in his dance-dramas such as Chitrangada and Chandalika, the members of BHF also bring a unique performance called ‘Sruti Kabya’ or visual poetry which will bring to life the important and influential women in Tagore’s life and inspiration for some of his best poetry and song-lyrics – his sister-in-law and confidante in his youth Kadambari Devi, his unsung and rarely mentioned wife Mrinalini Devi to his Argentenian muse Victoria Ocampo.

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