Tuesday 02nd March 2021 12:40 EST

On the first Thursday of March each year, World Book Day in the United Kingdom and Ireland pursues placing a book in every child and young adult's hand. That's been their mission since 1995! The event is the local manifestation of the original, global World Book Day organized by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing, and copyright, and widely observed on 23 April. Organizers in the UK moved the observance to avoid clashes with Easter school holidays and with St George's Day. 


Here’s our top book recommendation by the renowned Sunday Times bestselling author Shrabani Basu’s latest publication, ‘The Mystery of the Parsee Lawyer’. The book will be launched on March 4. The online synopsis of the book read as follows: “In the village of Great Wyrley near Birmingham, someone is mutilating horses. Someone is also sending threatening letters to the vicarage, where the vicar, Shahpur Edalji, is a Parsi convert to Christianity and the first Indian to have a parish in England. His son George - quiet, socially awkward and the only boy at school with distinctly Indian features - grows up into a successful barrister, till he is improbably linked to and then prosecuted for the above crimes in a case that left many convinced that justice hadn't been served. When he is released early, his conviction still hangs over him. Having lost faith in the police and the legal system, George Edalji turns to the one man he believes can clear his name - the one whose novels he spent his time reading in prison, the creator of the world's greatest detective. When he writes to Arthur Conan Doyle asking him to meet, Conan Doyle agrees.From the author of Victoria and Abdul comes an eye-opening look at race and an unexpected friendship in the early days of the twentieth century, and the perils of being foreign in a country built on empire.” It is published by Bloomsbury India.

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