SEEEFI and DHUN Spring festival 2021

Saturday 27th March 2021 06:34 EDT

An online music and arts festival in collaboration with Dhun will take place from Friday April 2 to April 5 and April 11. This program will be organized online by Seeefi and Dhun and also in association with other organizations. This year’s theme is Spring, Love and Happiness. The segments are as follows:  Multilingual segment including Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and other Indian Languages which is to reflect the "Biswa Bandhutwa" (Global friendship). Rabindra Sangeet , Bollywood, Classical vocal and instrument and Dance and Poem recitation and Song. The main aim of celebrating this festival is to reach people of all sectors of the South Asian society to bring awareness regarding current Covid-19 Lockdown, vaccination and social distancing. In addition to this, the festival is  also trying to survive the age old and trusted guru shishya Parampara and music gharanas in various places. In this instance we are planning to gift music instruments (Surmandal and Kamaicha) to the Jaisalmer based Manganiar community. The organisers are planning to give a couple of instruments set (Suramandal around  Rs 25000 to Rs 30000 and Kamaicha around Rs 40000 to Rs 45000) to Manganiar community musician Chanan Khan . 

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