Indian Raga Festival

Wednesday 22nd September 2021 05:54 EDT

IndianRaga Festival 2021 is a celebration of music and dance and a delightful experience for cultural aficionados.
The first-ever edition of the ‘IndianRaga Festival’ was acclaimed by fans and artists alike. It ended up attracting an audience of more than 10, 000 people online and more than 500 people attending the immersive festival in person.
This year's event will see unique music and dance productions created by UK-based artists who were guided by maestros and award-winning choreographers such as Sujata Banerjee MBE, Chitraleka Bolar, Divya Ravi, Vamshi Krishna Vishnudas, Prathap Ramachandra along with IndianRaga fellows, Mahesh Raghvan, Chiinthu Sarvan and Eshani Sathe.
A specially commissioned dance- Samaja Vara, conceptualised and performed by Ashwini Deshpande, Pranita Chaudhary, Anaya Vasudha Bolar and Ami Jayakrishnan will be showcased at the festival.
IndianRaga Festival 2021 will feature career-defining masterclasses by Chitraleka Bolar, Sujata Banerjee and Rekesh Chauhan as well as IndianRaga producer Mahesh Raghvan who are renowned globally for their rich contributions to Indian and Western classical art forms.
Speaking to Asian Voice, Rekesh Chauhan said, "I am thrilled to be back performing in cities across the nation again and delivering a masterclass at the London Indian Raga Festival. The arts provide the gold dust in making our society richer - and we can now quench the thirst of music lovers once again. Churchill famously said, “never let a good crisis go to waste”, the pandemic has provided never before seen opportunities for artists to create an abundance of work online and collaborate virtually with artists across the globe. At this masterclass session, I will be bringing these virtual collaborations to life showing how you can turn your creative passion and ideas into an international production."

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