India's Gateway: Gujarat, Mumbai & Britain

Monday 08th August 2016 14:40 EDT

The links between Gujarat and Redbridge stretch back over 400 years. In 1615, when Sir Thomas Roe of Woodford secured a base for London’s East India Company on the coast of Gujarat, the region became the first point of contact between Britain and the Indian subcontinent. 

It was the beginning of an extraordinary relationship that endures to this day. East India Company merchants used their wealth to build magnificent estates in Ilford, Wanstead and Woodford while over the last 50 years many Gujaratis have made their home in Redbridge. 

To celebrate this unique relationship, Redbridge museum is hosting an exhibition from 18 October 2016- 28 January 2017 and will be presenting a vivid portrait of the region and exploring the lives and experiences of Gujarati communities today in both India and Redbridge. 

This touring exhibition is based around new photography and film by renowned photographer Tim Smith and material from Redbridge Museum’s collections.

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