Deputy Mayor Tom Aditya meets Prime Minister Theresa May

Tuesday 29th August 2017 11:52 EDT

Bradley Stoke Deputy Mayor Tom Aditya, who is also a member of the UK Indian community, met the UK Prime Minister Theresa May and discussed few of the issues that concern the communities. Aditya is a Councillor at Bradley Stoke in South Gloucestershire, also serves as the vice-chairman of the Police panel, which oversees police operations in Greater Bristol metro region and West of England districts. 

Councillor Tom Aditya brought Prime Minister‘s attention to the need to strengthen the NHS and requested to make provision to recruit more clinically competent nurses. He called to reduce the IELTS score from 7 to 6 for NMC registration and stressed the need to attract more patient- caring nurses. He also elucidated the need to provide dependent parent's visas for professionals who are working in the UK. He said that professionals are ready to take care of their parents without any recourse to public funds and stated that such a provision will be a great emotional support to the elderly parents and will enable to retain the best proficient experts in the country. 

Cllr Tom furthermore urged the Prime Minister to bring more efficiency and effectiveness in public services and requested to formulate stipulations for appropriate scrutiny of the bureaucracy. He said that an independent civil service commission should be made responsible to recruit new entrants to all levels of public organisations in order to avert nepotism, discrimination and corruptive practices. He called to strengthen the victim support scheme for persons who suffer from hate-crime and anti-social behaviour; and advocated making changes in the judicial system in order to generate corrective sentencing judgements against the culprits to avert future offending.

Prime Minister assured that she will take necessary actions after proper examination of the issues and after suitable consultation with the appropriate officials.

May also applauded Cllr Tom Aditya's community services and congratulated him for being elected the Deputy Mayor of Bradley Stoke. 

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