Secret Sheikh gifts on Eid

Wednesday 29th May 2019 15:50 EDT

Many Muslims help Secret Santa staff pack their bags with presents for the most disadvantaged children across Blackburn and Darwen. This year, the 'Secret Sheikh' project between One Voice and Secret Santa Ltd will do the same for them. As part of the fundraising project the group has conducted sponsored swims, a 5-day Ramadan fast and a family Fun day, which was held at Bangor St community Centre.

“This was on the basis of humanity rather than religiousness. We wanted to repay their kindness against the slur that 'Blackburn is a divided community' we don’t believe it is, so by giving Muslim children presents at an important time in their lives, which of course is Eid was important to us,” said Phil Boulding, founder of Secret Santa to the Asian Image.

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