BK Shivani to celebrate 'International Yoga Day' in the UK

Wednesday 05th June 2019 13:00 EDT

BK Shivani, the contemporary face of India's ancient Raja Yoga, is coming to London on 17 June, Monday to begin her tour of 13 European cities over the following 19 days, to kickstart her 'Awakening' European Tour. Besides other cities this also includes three places in the UK – Leicester, London and Manchester. Her unique blend of wit and wisdom and refreshing style have inspired many whose spirits are in need of lifting.

Her huge achievement in becoming a young woman of inspiration to people of all ages and walks of life has been recently recognised by the Government of India who awarded BK Shivani the highest civilian honour for women in India - the Nari Shakti (‘Woman Power’) Award.

As a young wife and gold medalist graduate in engineering, BK Shivani was volunteering as a researcher and scriptwriter for a TV production company in Delhi. When one of the guests didn’t turn up, she was asked to stand in. Initially, surprised at the prospect, she bravely agreed and consequentlydelivered a powerful message, making her talk show ‘Awakening', an overnight sensation.

Intially successful in India, she is now an inspiration for youngsters acorss the world. Drawing on the many insights gained from her study of Raja Yoga – a ‘yoga of the mind’ – BK Shivani discovered a gift for translating the wisdom of India’s yoga teachings into something practical and relevant for today’s world, covering everything from relationships, parenting, and finding that balance of living a peaceful life to being stuck in the rut of following a stressed work life.

Her TV show and her social media following of almost 4 million (YouTube and Facebook) is an indication of her success story and how she has been a guiding mentor for several who are fighting off mental and emotional distress. Previously, she has conducted live concert shows in India, Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, the Middle East and Africa. Her book 'Happiness Unlimited' is a number one bestseller in the religious section of Amazon India.

Since 1996, BK Shivani has been practising and teaching Raja Yoga meditation with the Brahma Kumaris, a global network with a presence throughout the UK and Europe. Her live events in the UK are scheduled in London on June 23, Leicester on June 20 and Manchester on June 24.

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