'Voice Of Legends' returns with a UK wide tour

Tuesday 28th May 2019 10:55 EDT

Award winning singer Navin Kundra is back with his concert 'Voice of Legends' and this time in the form of a UK wide tour starting from 2nd June at Beck Theratre, Hayes.

“I started this show last year in London and Leicester. But the response from the audience was absolutely phenomenal and it made me want to turn this show into a tour for areas where I don't usually get to perform such as Bradford and Oldham,” says Navin.

The tour will follow the format of last year's concert, where the Guinness book world record awardee will perform to Bollywood classics of RD Burman, Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar among other legends. However, this year unlike before, the audience will get to watch more of Navin's performances alongside The 515 Crew, Bollywood celebrity choreographer, Shiamak Davar’s dance troupe and female singer Ambika Jois as part of their tour.

“We are sticking to the format of performing to classic Bollywood songs but because the catalogue is so rich to choose from that we are expanding the music set. And because the audience feedback from last year indicated that they wanted to see more of my performances, you can expect more vocals from me instead of surprise guest visits.

“Whilst, it is more pressure on me but I also want to grow as an artist and this concert allows me to showcase my talent outside of what I usually do,” says Navin.

A graduate of pyschology and business, today Navin speaks about the difficulties of establishing a career in performing arts and culture especially for someone from an ethnic minortity where families usually tend to encourage their children into establishing themselves in professional services.

“I understand this partly as I had to struggle in my initial days as well. In fact, there was a girl who came to my show last year and she followed her passion of dancing by joining professional classes after coming down to my show.

“But, she messaged me after the show about how her parents seemed unwilling of her career choice and she seemed lost. I just gave her an advice that I was given a long time ago- Look after your art and your art will look after you,” explained Navin.

Organised with the intent of entertaining his audience but at the same time providing that space for the various generations of families to come together to enjoy and appreciate music, this years Navin will be taking his show to Hayes, Bradford, Southampton, Manchester, Leicester and East London. For more information about the tickets and schedule of the shows please visit: www.VoiceOfLegends.co.uk

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