London’s women portrayed as Tagore’s 'Women of Inspiration'

Tuesday 14th May 2019 13:56 EDT

Women of Bengal Heritage Foundation came together to pay tribute to Tagore, spotlighting Tagore’s iconic female characters through music, dance, recitation painting and drama. Bengal Heritage Foundation (BHF) in association with the Nehru Centre and High Commission of India in London commemorated Rabindra Jayanti; the birth anniversary of India’s 'Global' poet, song-writer and philosopher Rabindranath Tagore.

On Tagore’s birth anniversary, the multifaceted women of BHF along with the men pulled together a memorable evening to remember the strong, fierce yet gentle women characters of Tagore which he has either created or has been influenced by in his life.

The theme of the presentation had two flavours – Tagore’s 'Shrishti' or Creation and Tagore’s 'Prerona' or Inspiration. The first part was mainly about women characters created by Tagore presented through solo Rabindrasangeet and dance performed by the very competent BHF ladies.

The second part of the celebration was a unique presentation of Tagore’s 'Prerona' or Inspirations through stage drama which portrayed Tagore and his camaraderie with three influential women of his life – Kadambari Devi, Victoria Ocampo and Mrinalini Devi directed by Senior IT Strategist from Cognizant and a talented stage actor, Koushik Chatterjee, who derived this concept from three novels of Ranjan Bandopadhyay.

Tagore was believed to have an affectionate relationship with Argentine writer Victoria Ocampo which was very well depicted by oncology research scientist Debarati Goswami. The third and one of the most important woman of Tagore’s life- Mrinalini Devi was played by Business Analyst, Moushumi Bagchi. Another interesting facet of the evening was a live painting by Mahua Bej, who at the end of the show came up with a beautiful portrait depicting the three women from the drama illustrating their distinct relationship with Tagore.

Sourav Niyogi, President of BHF after successfully guiding the squad through a magnificent evening, said, “Given the success of the evening and the graceful tribute to the Noble Laureate at the Nehru Centre, the cultural wing of Indian High Commission, has invited Bengal Heritage Foundation to celebrate 25 Boisakh every year.”

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