The inclusion of the word ‘secular’ in the Indian constitution

Wednesday 13th March 2019 05:08 EDT

The inclusion of the word 'secular' in the Indian constitution is impractical and destructive for any religion in India, because it is absolutely about worldly or material, and not religious or spiritual, and, as such, without the base of religion in morality and education,it has created chaos in family,society and the country.

Mahatma Gandhi believed in God- Paramatma (The Great Soul), The Father, Allah etc - the Creator of the Universes - and he found that Christianity under the Church of England is represented in the House of Lords in British  Parliament, legally preserving their right of Christian religion among other rights. 

Albert Einstein, a genius and physicist,became spiritual having read Shrimad Bagavad Gita - a Hindu  scripture. Indian constitution is mainly based on British constitution which is renowned for Democratic Principles and 'law and order'. The British people did not find the need to include the word 'secular' in their constitution, and yet they make scientific progress.

India's culture and society are based on an indigenous  Sanatan Sanscruti - ageless civilisation - based on spirituality; Indian society is complex and well developed, and follow organised religions; and their ideas and beliefs form the Indian culture. 

The aim of the struggle for Indian independence was to adhere to Indian culture, and, as such, the Father of the Nation - Mahatma Gandhi and others did not allow the inclusion of the word 'secular' in the Preamble of the constitution since the inception of it in'47, as it was rightly thought in the very beginning that the purpose of the  use of the word would certainly defy the transparent purpose of multi-religions; and, as such, the pages of it are decorated with multi-religious forms and Sanscrit texts giving the message to the nation to live up to the code of it. But the Congress Party selfishly and illegally introduced the word during '76 emergency.

Indian people do not live in a communist country; they can make a national referendum on such an important main issue, as, for example, British people do on Brexit, to exclude the word from the constitution, as it was undemocratically introduced, so that Mahatma Gandhi's wish for plural religions can be reaffirmed to save the nation from being misguided.


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