Prime Minister’s resignation

Tuesday 04th June 2019 17:46 EDT

The daggers were out. A number of cabinet ministers, Theresa May’s former colleagues among them, conspired to oust her and take the prime minister’s job from her. In the event, Mrs May had to resign from her post as PM.

The emotional scene outside No 10 Downing Street when Mrs May tendered her resignation was quite moving. She must have felt what Julius Caesar felt in Shakespeare’s play when some senators led by Casius Clay, and his best friend Brutus among them, conspired to oust him. 

The PM had previously indicated that she will step down after we have come out of the EU. Media reports suggest that there are people in Mrs May’s party waiting in the wings and too ready to step into her shoes. They perhaps conspired against her to topple her. 

This again reminds us of the famous words from Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, “Et tu Brute”, meaning you too Brutus? as Brutus was Caesar’s friend and supporter. 

Mrs May’s resignation was preceded by the resignations of a number of her colleagues in the cabinet. Those who resigned perhaps felt that a better deal could have been negotiated over Brexit. The PM’s colleagues felt that Mrs May had failed to negotiate a better deal.

This again reminds us of Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, where Brutus, Caesar’s most trusted friend, joined in Casius Clay’s  conspiracy to oust him. I suppose the PM must have felt the same as Caesar felt many years ago.    

Dinesh Sheth

Newbury Park, Ilford

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