Leicester Schoolchildren Tour Parliament to Help Boost Career Aspirations

 group of pupils from 5 Leicester schools have toured London and the Houses of Parliament in a bid to help raise their life and career aspirations.

Hindu Economic Summit discusses uniting vision and prosperity to inspire the business community

The Hindu Economic Forum of the UK (HEF-UK) marked a historic milestone with its recent event, the "Hindu Economic Summit: Uniting Vision and Prosperity." Held on 21 September 2023, at the Anoopam Mission, Swaminarayan Temple, Denham. The summit brought...

India set to welcome world leaders for G20 summit

The national capital of India is gearing up for the high-profile G20 Summit early next month. Apart from strict security that will be put in place in Delhi, the arrangements also include hotel bookings for the delegates. Over 30 hotels will...

India creates history as the first nation to land spacecraft on the moon's southern pole

India has achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the first nation to effectively land a spacecraft on the southern pole of the moon. Chandrayaan-3 had the ambitious goal of being the pioneering spacecraft to make contact with a sector of the...

South Asian diaspora demands justice for Kandula

A tragic and unsettling incident has sent shockwaves through the South Asian community globally, when the story of a 23-year-old Indian student who was killed after being flung 100 feet away as a police car struck her at a speed of nearly 119...

Saudi Arabia, UAE among six new countries invited to join BRICS

Six more nations have been asked to join the BRICS group of countries, which has promised to support the "Global South". 

 In a rare event, a live heart travelled 32 km between two top private hospitals in Delhi and Gurgaon in exact 27 minutes and 56 seconds, cruising past the usually choked MG Road and BRT corridor.

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