Sikhs demand international tribunal to investigate 1984 anti-Sikh riot crimes

Around 200 Sikhs from across 20 countries are joining the Sikh Federation UK to lobby in the UN Security Council for a “Rwanda-style” international tribunal to investigate crimes during the 1984 anti-Sikh riot that killed more than 17,000 Sikhs

Be comfortable in your own skin

Some fair-skinned people are developing a fake tan whilst some brown-complexioned women are increasingly using skin-lightening creams to achieve a lighter or whiter appearance. Such is the irony of following social media trends today where cultural...

Start-up India at 71

India is geared to celebrate its 71st Republic Day following a turbulent last few months with respect to the domestic policies unveiled and a slowdown in its economy as reported by the IMF. Yet, celebrating its booming 'Startups: Reach for the...

Trump likely to open Motera stadium in Ahmedabad

Speculation is rife that US President Donald Trump during his three-day tour of India, next month or in the first week of March, may also visit Gujarat and inaugurate the new Motera stadium, the world's largest cricketing arena

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