Shaun Bailey – London’s Ideal Choice

Lord Dolar Popat Tuesday 04th May 2021 06:47 EDT

I am endorsing Shaun Bailey for London Mayor as he is the only candidate who can improve the quality of life for Londoners. Shaun has shown a tremendous amount of passion and drive to serve all Londoners as their mayor. Shaun has been working closely with all communities in London to understand the issues they face on a day to day basis. 


The key issues that have repeatedly been raised are Crime, Congestion Charge and the extension of ULEZ. 


To tackle the increasing crime in London, Shaun has pledged an extra 8000 police officers for safer streets along with the re-opening of 38 police stations which Sadiq Khan had closed. 


The Congestion Charge has directly impacted families in London. Sadiq Khan has cost private hire vehicle drivers an additional £5000 a year in daily Congestion Charges. The 24 hour bus lanes have also impacted the driver’s income, if they are unable to use bus lanes the passenger journeys are much longer which means the drivers are doing less jobs with these time constraints. Another burden announced by Sadiq Khan for PHV drivers and anyone entering London to visit family and friends is the extension of ULEZ on the North and South Circular roads. Sadiq Khan is transforming London into an unfriendly zone for Londoners, visitors and businesses with his draconian measures as Mayor of London. 


I am truly relieved, delighted and excited that Shaun Bailey has a plan to make things better for not only PHV drivers and Londoners but also our visitors. Shaun has pledged that on day one as Mayor of London he will reverse the Congestion Charge hike and will scrap the daily £12.50 ULEZ charge to outer London. This will be a sigh of relief to the many many thousands of drivers who work extremely hard to build a better future for themselves and their families. Shaun Bailey will be the Mayor who does not plan to dip his hands into Londoners pockets. He has a clear plan on how to raise funds and stand up for the people of London. 


Shaun has shown compassion and love to the Indian community, he has met with the Indian                    community on zoom, Pharmacy led vaccine centres and our temples in London. Over the past week he has also attended prayers on Zoom to pray for the victims of Covid 19 in India. Shaun was concerned by the current situation India and the devastating number of people losing the battle to covid. During these testing times we can not take a risk and I would urge every Londoner to vote for the person who will bring the much needed change for their families. 


On the 6th of May, we have a choice to improve London, to make things better, to feel safe, to pay less for car travel on the weekends. We deserve to enjoy our beautiful City! For that reason I am backing Shaun Bailey, the only candidate who will bring the change we all want.

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