Wife wins restraining order against “coercive” and “controlling” husband

Thursday 11th January 2018 12:16 EST

A 38-year-old senior NHS clinician from Sale in Greater Manchester, has won a restraining order against her husband after accusing him of controlling her with violence and sleeping with escorts.

Mother-of-three, Dr Manju Luckson claimed that her husband, Francis-Augustine Luckson, 38, would allegedly arrange to meet escorts from the internet and would allegedly rebuke and assault her when she would confront him about it. Her husband stood as an independent candidate in the 2017 General Election. Dr Luckson is the manager for the National Institute for Health Research in Manchester and lectures at Manchester Metropolitan University.

According to the Daily Mail, when Dr Manju Luckson asked her husband about his recent business trip, he had allegedly repeatedly slapped her in the face saying, “Who are you to ask me questions? I am the man and I have the right to go and if a woman wants to sleep with me because I have a big c**k who are you to question that?”

Dr Luckson also claimed that she was “forced” to take out loans to help her husband set his business up, as well as to buy him a Land Rover.

In November, their eldest child called the police on 999. The police arrived at the couple's £350,000 home and found Dr Luckson in a “distressed state. She then filed a 14-page statement against her husband.

The couple are both originally from Kerala, South India. They had an arrange marriage in 2004, three years after arriving in the UK.

Francis-Augustine Luckson was accused of “controlling or coercive” behaviour against his wife between 2015 and 2017 and was due to stand trial at Manchester's magistrates' court. Dr Luckson refused to give evidence against him and hence, the charges were dropped against him. However, the court gave him a 12-month restraining order, banning him from contacting his wife.

Prosecutor, Lynn Rogers said, “There has been both physical and mental abuse but she has never reported these incidents to the police... The noise [from the couple's fight] woke up two of their children and they tried to get their father to stop beating her.”

In a statement read to the court, PC Philip Drummond said, “On 4th November 2017, I attended an address in Sale where there had been an allegation of assault that needed further investigation. I spoke to the complainant and she was visibly upset and confirmed that she was happy to support a prosecution. She told me that she was very scared and because she had told the police that she would hurt her. She wasn't just in fear for herself but for her children who are 12, five and three. I spoke to the two eldest children who said they had been woken up by their youngest sister who saw her father hitting her mother.”

Mr Luckson agreed to the terms of the restraining order and understood that he would have to liaise with a third party if he wishes to see his children.

It is said that he told the hearing, “I don't ever want to see my wife again. I am filing for divorce.” 

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