UK clears extradition of Sanjeev Chawla, alleged “match-fixing bookie"

Monday 07th January 2019 05:22 EST
Sanjeev Chawla

The Westminster magistrates court on Monday has ruled that Sanjeev Kumar Chawla, who is accused in the match fixing scandal of 2000 involving Hanse Cronje, the former South African captain, should be extradited, a UK court has ruled.

The case will now be sent to the UK Home Secretary.

This extradition to India comes following the November 2018 judgement of the high court. The high court had ruled that conditions in the Tihar Jail in Delhi did not pose any “real risk” to Chawla’s human rights. This was the only ground on which the Magistrates Court had blocked his extradition in October 2017.

If after considering the case, the Home Secretary thinks extradition should go ahead, he has to order the extradition within two months of the date the matter was referred to him.

Whatever that decision, the losing side now has up to 14 days within which to approach the High Court and seek leave to appeal. Any appeal – if granted – will be heard at the Administrative Court (High Court)”.

The lower court was satisfied that there is a prima facie case for him to answer on the basis of evidence gathered by the Delhi police.

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