Lucky EuroMillion couple asked to “burn the begging letters”

Tuesday 08th January 2019 14:05 EST

The Lucky EuroMillion couple, Patrick and Frances Connolly, are planning to share their £115million lottery pot. But previous lottery winners have advised them to burn any letters if they do not recognise the sender.

Both Patrick and Frances have pledged to divide their fortune between as many as 50 friends, relatives and charities and they have received praise for their generosity. However, former lottery winners have warned the couple that they should now expect an onslaught of “begging letters” as others will attempt to cash in on their newfound wealth.

However, 23 years ago, Mukhtar Mohidin made history by becoming Britain’s first National Lottery multi-millionaire.

The Connolly couple have become the fourth largest lottery winners in the history of the UK by going public, a decision taken just by 15% of the winners.

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